Iron City’s Uniform Services

Since 1928, we have been helping companies strengthen their image and professionalism with uniform rental programs customized to fit exact workplace needs.

Iron City’s uniform rental programs eliminate the hassles of purchasing, laundering, and repairing your personal garments – saving you time and money – while keeping your employees safe.

We guarantee that your employees will look and feel professional every day with an Iron City Uniform Rental Program!

In addition to our 85 years of caring, personable, family-owned service, our main competitive advantage is our investment in new and innovative RFID Smart Chip Technology.

With RFID Smart Chip Technology, each individual dirty garment is scanned into our facility immediately once our truck returns, and after our professional laundering and automatic RFID sorting process, each clean garment is then scanned out of our facility before the delivery day begins. This ensures 100% Accuracy and Accountability in our services, as well as complete transparency through our Personalized Customer Portal on our website where you can view any weekly invoice and delivery report.

Additional Benefits to an Iron City Uniform Rental Program:

  • Convenience – we pick up your soiled and drop off your clean every week
  • Image Enhancement – make strong first impressions and stand out from competition
  • Company Identification – employees look qualified for the job and promote new business
  • Safety Solutions – ensure your company and employees are protected
  • Professional Appearance – give employees that sense of professionalism everyday
  • Increased Employee Productivity – feeling professional leads to increased productivity
  • Work in Comfort – wide selection of sizes, styles, and colors to choose from
  • Team-Oriented Culture – create pride and unity among employees in your workplace

When you begin a Uniform Rental Program with Iron City:

  • No upfront investment is required because you are renting the uniforms
  • Our experienced service professionals drive to your location and measure each employee to ensure the right look and fit
  • Custom emblems or direct embroidery options are always available to enhance your company’s image and professionalism
  • Every week, our Customer Care Representatives will pick up your soiled uniforms and deliver professionally cleaned ones
  • Our Team launders, inspects, repairs, and replaces garments as needed
  • If the size of your workforce increases, we can always add additional uniforms
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Service Regions:
  • Pennsylvania
  • Ohio
  • West Virginia
  • Nationwide Service Partnerships
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