Floor & Logo Mats

Iron City’s Floor & Logo Mat Services

Image, Safety, and Comfort start at the front door with our custom mat rental programs to meet your facilities needs! Make a great first impression on customers and protect your employees from workplace slips and falls by preventing dirt and moisture from tracking through your facility.

Classic Brush Mats:

  • Protects your floors and prevents dirt/moisture from entering your building
  • 100% Nitrile rubber-backing enhances skid and slip resistance
  • Perfect for carpeted and hard surfaced floors
  • Enhances your facility with an attractive, vibrant image

Custom Logo Mats:

  • Make a great first impression on your customers with a Custom Logo Mat
  • Enhance the image of your facility and create a professional look for your business
  • Seamless design process that we will assist you with from start to finish
  • Great way to increase your brand identity and bring pride to your workplace

Anti-Fatigue Mats:

  • Increases worker productivity and allows your employees to work in comfort
  • Reduces worker fatigue by diminishing leg, feet, and back pain
  • Perfect for areas where employees stand for prolonged periods of time
  • 100% Nitrile rubber prevents slips and falls, increasing workplace safety

Entrance Scraper Mats:

  • Proactively prevents dirt and moisture from entering your facility
  • Moisture and dirt are trapped below the walking surface through unique design
  • Molded-tread surface effectively scrapes tough dirt and grime off shoes
  • Utilize in your entrance or any other high traffic areas in your workplace

Top Benefits of Iron City’s Restroom Supply Services:

  • Maintain a clean, hygienic, and healthy environment
  • Save money by reducing maintenance and facility costs
  • Enhance your image and professionalism
  • Preserve a safe and sanitary workplace
  • Create a positive impression on your customers
  • Save time worrying about managing your facility’s needs
  • Inventory management solutions designed specifically for your workplace
  • Become environmental friendly with sustainable, reusable products

How an Iron City Facility Services Program works for you:

  • No upfront inventory investment on your end for any product or dispenser

  • We design a program designed on your specific needs and usage rates

  • Our experienced service reps pick up your dirty mats and replace them with professionally cleaned ones to ensure quality products are available at all times.

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Service Regions:
  • Pennsylvania
  • Ohio
  • West Virginia
  • Nationwide Service Partnerships
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