Wet and Dust Mops

Iron City’s Wet and Dust Mop Services

Ensure your floors are clean, safe, and free from dirt and moisture with Iron City Dust and Wet Mops Services.

Improperly cleaned mops that can be breeding grounds for bacteria and slip & fall lawsuits can be financially detrimental to any organization – so make sure your mops are professionally cleaned, sanitized, and replaced in a program designed for your usage needs.

  • Promote a healthy and safe environment with clean and sanitized floors
  • Consistently prevent the spread of bacteria, dirt, moisture, and grime inside your facility
  • Eliminate maintenance costs associated with cleaning, purchasing, and replacing mops
  • Clean mops will always be available when you need them with regularly scheduled visit

Top Benefits to an Iron City Facility Services Program:

  • Enhance the image of your facility to customers and employees
  • Maintain a clean, hygienic, and healthy environment
  • Assure safety and prevent workplace accidents
  • Save money by reducing maintenance and facility costs
  • Save time worrying about managing your facility’s needs
  • Inventory management solutions designed specifically for your workplace
  • Become environmental friendly with sustainable, reusable products

How Iron City’s convenient Wet and Dust Mop Services work for you:

  • No upfront inventory investment on your end for any amount of product
  • We design a program designed on your specific needs and usage rates
  • Our experienced service reps regularly pickup your dirty mops and replace them with clean, professionally laundered ones - ensuring quality mops are available for your employees at all times – promoting a clean and safe work environment.
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Service Regions:
  • Pennsylvania
  • Ohio
  • West Virginia
  • Nationwide Service Partnerships
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