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Iron City’s Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer Services

Prevent the spread of germs inside your facility and promote a clean and healthy environment with Iron City Hand Soap & Hand Sanitizer Dispensers. Our options include Antibacterial Hand Soaps and Purell Hand Sanitizer for any setting, as well as Industrial Hand Soap for the grittiest dirt and grime.

One of the most common customer (and employee) complaints is an unclean facility/restroom with lack of essential supplies, such as hand soap and hand sanitizer. Our convenient service will ensure that your facility is appropriately stocked at all times – while saving you time and significantly reducing your maintenance costs in the process.

Luxury Foam Hand Soap: (Automatic Dispenser options)

  • Gentle and effective for everyday use
  • Fresh scent leaves hands clean and smelling good
  • Fights germs and keeps your facility healthy


Industrial Hand Cleaner:

  • Features crushed walnuts to effectively scrub tough dirt and grime
  • Leaves skin feeling fresh & clean - Eliminating dry, chapped hands
  • Perfect for heavily soiled hands containing grease, oil, dirt, and carbon black
  • Essential in industrial work settings, and ideal for employee locker rooms

Purell Hand Sanitizer: (Automatic Dispenser option)

  • Prevents spread of germs and colds
  • Gentle on hands (foam and gel options available)
  • Perfect for any environment
  • Promotes a clean and hygienic facility

Top Benefits of an Iron City Facility Services: Program

  • Maintain a clean, hygienic, and healthy environment
  • Save money by reducing maintenance and facility costs
  • Enhance your image and professionalism
  • Preserve a safe and sanitary workplace
  • Create a positive impression on your customers
  • Save time managing your facility’s needs
  • Inventory management solutions designed specifically for your workplace
  • Become environmental friendly with sustainable, reusable products

How Iron City’s convenient Hand Soap & Hand Sanitizer Services work for you:

  • No upfront inventory investment on your end for any product or dispenser
  • We design a program designed on your specific needs and usage rates
  • Our experienced service reps regularly examine your dispensers, change batteries as needed, manage your inventory, and ensure quality hand soap & hand sanitizer are available for your customers and employees at all times.
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Service Regions:
  • Pennsylvania
  • Ohio
  • West Virginia
  • Nationwide Service Partnerships
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