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Iron City’s Hospitality and Food Service Solutions

As a family-owned and operated organization since 1928, our fast communication and response time are two of our many core values that distinguish us from our competition. In the Hospitality & Food Service industry, we know the importance of having professionally clean, quality linens on hand and readily available at all times.

Choose a custom food service linen and facility services program for your company that is designed to enhance the image, safety, and cleanliness of your operation – while significantly reducing your costs. Your staff will represent a positive and professional image, and your customers will want to return over and over again.

Our experienced Team will recommend products and services designed specifically for your facility, no matter what size business you are.


We partner with leading manufacturers to provide the Hospitality & Food Service Industry with the highest quality garments, linens, and facility service products available, including:

  • Uniforms
  • Chef Wear
  • Aprons
  • Kitchen Towels
  • Linens
  • Floor & Logo Mats
  • Kitchen Mats
  • Restroom Supplies
  • Air Fragrances
  • Luxury Foam Soap
  • Purell Hand Sanitizer & Wipes
  • Dust Mop Services
  • Wet Mop Services
  • First Aid Kits
  • Cleaning Chemicals
  • Power Washing
  • Document Management

Contact us today to inquire about a garment and facility services program for your company!

Top Benefits to an Iron City Facility Services Program:

  • Enhance the image of your facility to customers and employees
  • Maintain a clean, hygienic, and healthy environment
  • Assure safety and prevent workplace accidents
  • Save money by reducing maintenance and facility costs
  • Save time managing your facility’s needs
  • Inventory management solutions designed specifically for your workplace
  • Become environmental friendly with sustainable, reusable products

How an Iron City Facility Services Program works for you:

  • No upfront inventory investment on your end for any product or dispenser
  • We design a program designed on your specific needs and usage rates
  • Our experienced service reps regularly examine your dispensers, change batteries as needed, manage your inventory, and ensure quality products are on-hand for your students and employees at all times.

When you begin a Uniform Rental Program with Iron City:

  • No upfront investment is required because you are renting the uniforms
  • Our experienced service professionals drive to your location and measure each employee to ensure the right look and fit
  • Custom emblems or direct embroidery options are always available to enhance your company’s image and professionalism
  • Every week, our Customer Care Representatives will pick up your soiled uniforms/linens and deliver professionally cleaned ones
  • Our Team launders, inspects, repairs, and replaces garments and linens as needed
  • If the size of your workforce increases, we can always add additional uniforms
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Service Regions:
  • Pennsylvania
  • Ohio
  • West Virginia
  • Nationwide Service Partnerships
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